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Annual Membership - Coed - PreK-Gr 12 - Online & On-Site (Hybrid)


The GYG exists to connect and support young Mensans across this huge country, and serve as community and a resource for young Mensans and their parents alike. 

Age 1 - 18


Cognitive: Gifted

Academic Program Overview


Childcare and Extra/Co-Curriculars

We have started some key initiatives, and hope to have several more underway, with the help of our fabulous volunteer force!

Regional Representatives 

Regional reps act as the community connector: asking questions from local mensans about activities in their region or city, perhaps organizing or advertising meet-ups, activities, etc. and bringing local and regional questions and suggestions to the national Committee.

Mensa Youth Webpage 

Our new webpage for all things mensa+youth! Stay tuned for more great content like resources, chats and games, and of course our annual Kids AG!

Annual Kids AG 

Why not launch an annual event right in the middle of covid? 2021 is the first time this was offered, and we hope to make it happen every year. For next year we hope you join, tell your friends, attend some talks and play some games – we want to see you there!

Admissions Process

If you have already taken a qualified IQ test and have evidence of achieving a high enough score, you may be able to join Mensa Canada without attending one of our supervised exam sessions. A list of accepted tests and their respective required scores is below. This procedure can be used by candidates of all ages, especially those under 10 years of age (who are not eligible to take our regular entrance exam).

Please note that Mensa Canada does not accept any test taken over the Internet for admission purposes.  All testing must have been given through a school, psychologist, or licensed agency.  Mensa Canada’s Constitution requires that any test be standardized and given under supervision by a qualified individual. Internet tests do not meet these criteria.

Tuition and Other Fees

Individuals: $75 (2 years $135)

Families: $95 (2 years $175)

Students: $50 (2 years $95)

Scholarship Opportunities







Email:  (GYC Chair: Jasmine Kara)

Phone: n/a

Admissions: Millie Norry (VP Membership: )

Address: Canada-Wide

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