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Founded in 1980 by best-selling author, Sidney Ledson, SLI excels in offering the best of traditional and innovative education to children from preschool to grade 6. Building on internationally acclaimed preschool reading success, SLI has grown into a hub for ground-breaking student achievement in literary, STEM, and artistic domains across all grade levels. Our tradition of excellence has continued online, and we now offer online and on-site participation options for the 2021-2022 year.



Cognitive: Gifted, High Functioning Autism, mild ADHD

Curriculum: Accelerated, strong computer science, math, english, and french from Pre-K

Methodology: Ledson Method Early Years Reading Program and Toronto Exam Prep Math /Spirit of Math Curriculum

Academic Program Overview

In progression from our preschool curriculum, students in JK and SK receive the same reinforcement of foundation skills while applying higher-order problem solving to explore logical applications.  Students are provided with a daily set of printable worksheets that allow them to exercise and demonstrate comprehension of lessons taught through a combination of video-chat instruction from their teacher and recommended instructional videos.  Subjects covered fall under math, english, reading, computer literacy / programming, entrepreneurship, journalism, and critical thinking, as well as natural and social sciences.  The kindergarten teacher works with students individually and in groups at times scheduled every day from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Every afternoon, Kindergarten students join Carpet Time (3:15pm – 3:45pm) for an engaging social experience with their teacher and classmates.  During Carpet Time, children can look forward to interacting in the context of a variety of educational themes, such as Storytelling, Art Appreciation, General Knowledge, Show and Tell, and more. 

Our Grade Program is academically enriched, providing not only an advanced (depth and breadth) learning in each subject, but also promoting critical thinking in all areas.  We maintain a class ratio of 1:12 students (approximately), which allows our teachers to provide for individualized learning for each child.  Every new student is assessed in the first couple of days, at the start of the program, to gauge their academic abilities, identify strengths and weaknesses, and to establish academic goals and a plan to ensure their academic success. Upon admission, subjects taught include math, language, entrepreneurship, journalism, computer science (HTML, CSS, Intro to Machine Learning, Python, R, Javascript block-based programming, graphic model engineering), natural science, history, geography, research, arts, current events, debate (Model UN), physical education and more.  In addition, students receive French instruction three times per week, and music (practical and theory) instruction, once a week.  We also offer the option of extra instruction in French (DELF certificate preparation) and in piano (choice of regular or Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation).  Our students are prepared for, and participate in national math, writing, and computer science competitions throughout the year.    Students in Grades 3 – 6 receive SSAT-track preparation as part of this enriched program.  Upon graduating, our Grade 6 students are well prepared for middle school, as they continue on to some of the most sought-after secondary schools that require academic excellence, determined by admission tests.

Childcare and Extra/Co-Curriculars

Clubs, Before/After School Care, SSAT/ISEE readiness curriculum

Admissions Process

Our admissions process is geared to select students that present a strong academic record, effective social regulation skills, and an observable drive and openness to learn and adapt as leaders and team players.  

Above all, the weight of admission decisions centres on the student interview / in-class assessment.  For interviews, we value responses that are genuine (unrehearsed), passionate, and intuitive.  Furthermore, we favour students that display a sense of self-awareness and a motivation to participate in learning activities. 

Admission application decisions take into measure the exceptional circumstances that may influence socio-academic testing performance of students with ADHD and ASD (formerly Asperger’s).   If you suspect that your child has a developmental exceptionality, or if they have been clinically assessed to have such a condition, you may choose to include this information in an email to . 

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Tuition and Other Fees

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Scholarship Opportunities

Mensa Youth may receive a scholarship, Merit Scholarship recipients are selected internally


Mensa (shared programming with the Gifted Youth Group of Mensa Canada), Enrolment Management Association (SSAT proctor school)

Location and Directions



Email: or

Phone: 416 447 5355

Admissions: Rumina Shivji (extension 1)

Address: 220 Duncan Mill Rd, 107

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