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The school is a hub where the bravest and brightest young minds from across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond come together.

Every day, our Grade 7 to 12 students are emboldened among a community of like-minded peers. They take part in vibrant student life where they become leaders. They learn from outstanding educators, many of whom win awards for their dedication and innovation.

Our traditions are over 110 years strong. UTS opened in 1910, but with a new home and unwavering commitment to our mission, we are setting course for an even more inclusive future.  

Gr 7 - 12


Cognitive: Most of all, we embrace our differences, thriving on our diversity. Our greatest achievement is the strength of our community. All are welcome here.

Curriculum: Here, students have greater opportunities to broaden their academic horizons with 10 courses per year in Grades 7 to 9, instead of eight typically offered in Ontario.

Core academics such as the sciences, math and English are balanced with diverse liberal arts.

The Expressive Arts department gives the school a vibrant cultural life with Visual Art, Music, and Drama.

Mind-body balance is built-in with students taking Health and Physical Education until Grade 11, going far beyond physical exercise to teach students strategies for life such as healthy living and mental wellness.

UTS also offers a full Advanced Placement® program, taking a balanced approach to these rigorous courses.

Methodology: A UTS education is transformative. Our school is a hub where the boldest and brightest young minds – from across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond – come together. Rigorous academics are the foundation, but the learning goes much deeper.

Academic Program Overview

The UTS curriculum evolves with the world around us. Curriculum renewal is ongoing as we deepen our culture of inclusion. There is no one story, but many. We continue to widen our scope to embrace underrepresented narratives and groups across the board. Learning themes for younger students focus on Truth and Reconciliation, and Sustainability, grounding them on the most pressing issues of our times.

The synergies of exceptional students, extraordinary educators, and the University of Toronto connection converge. Students come to UTS as engaged young people with big ideas. They graduate as empowered leaders and champions of change with the means to have an impact on our world.

Childcare and Extra/Co-Curriculars

At UTS, students become leaders in their own right, champions of causes, and organizers of major events such as Southern Ontario Model United Nations and the Girls in Technology Conference. An equally robust Athletics Program features more than 30 competitive sports teams, plus plenty of opportunities for fun.

Over 100 different co-curricular activities are offered at UTS, including:

Clubs that range from chemistry to film production, programming to political science, classics and more

Publications such as the school newspapers and yearbook, and multilingual and logic puzzle publications

Committees that drive change such as the Indigenous Solidarity Committee and Gender Equity Committee

Performance groups like our multidisciplinary performance SHOW, Taiko drumming, choirs, and instrumental ensembles

House, a decades-long tradition where students are sorted into one of our four houses (Althouse, Cody, Crawford and Lewis) and compete in athletic, academics and creative feats throughout the year

Athletics from intramurals to elite competition

Many of these initiatives are led by students, with support and guidance from UTS staff. Students regularly launch new co-curriculars, so if there's something missing students can create their own. 

Admissions Process

Stage 1: UTS is in the process of updating the admissions requirements for the 2024-2025 school year. In past years, the SSAT or ISEE have been required components of the application. For more information about these tests and to check out their free practice tests, please visit https://www.ssat.org/prepare/practice for SSAT and https://iseepracticetest.com/ for ISEE.

Please check back in the spring of 2023 to see the updated admissions requirements.

Stage 2: Applicants who are invited to Stage 2 complete the following steps:


Results from Stage One are emailed to all applicants and selected applicants are invited to Stage Two.

For Grade 7 applicants, results are based on the report cards, SSAT/ISEE scores, and the completed application.

For Grades 9 to 11 applicants, results are based on report cards, teacher recommendation form(s), SSAT/ISEE scores, and the completed application. 


Deadline for completing the bursary support application.


UTS Math and English entrance exam for Grade 7 applicants (by invitation only).

UTS Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMIs) for Grade 7, 9, 10 & 11 applicants (by invitation only).


Results from Stage Two are released and selected applicants are offered admission to UTS.

For Grade 7 applicants, results are based on the interviews, entrance exams, report cards, and the completed application.  

For Grades 9 to 11 applicants, results are based on interviews, SSAT scores, report cards, teacher recommendation form(s), and the completed application.


Stage Two applicants who are offered admission report their decision to UTS.

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